Instant Lip Plumper

Instant Lip Plumper


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Enhance your natural beauty.

Why go through the pain & expense of lip fillers when you can achieve instant natural-looking results from the comfort of home?

Our viral Volumising Lip Plumper is a fast-acting serum that allows you to enhance the size of your lips up to 82%, without the need for risky invasive procedures.

Infused with natural actives that keep your lips volumised up to 12 hours, giving you that perfect selfie-ready smile throughout the day.

Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or extreme plumping, our Lip Plumper puts you in control.

It’s suitable for all skin types100% vegan and dermatologically tested.

So cancel your filler appointment, and enjoy sexy, fuller lips with confidence!

Not a needle in sight.

  • Mimics lip filler injections
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Corrects uneven lip profile
  • Firms and combats visible lip lines
  • Long-lasting effect

Fabulous results instantly, without the need for injections or other invasive procedures.

Real women, real results. 💖

How does it work?

Click to bring out the desired amount to the surface and apply onto the lips. ️You are in full control of the results.

You will notice a temporary warm tingly sensation whilst the natural actives penetrate the pores to increases blood circulation which results in fuller & voluminous lips. This tingle is not for the weak! 

If you’re sensitive – simply apply a thin layer of lip balm before the serum.


  • I’ve tried numerous plump glosses, but nothing compares to this! The matte finish is so chic, and the customizable plumping control allows me to achieve the perfect level of fullness. I’ve received so many compliments on my luscious lips since using this product. Highly recommend!

    Kelly A.

  • I have struggled with uneven lips for years and was scared to get fillers, so this plumper has really made a huge difference in my life and has given me so much confidence! Even my boyfriend noticed it – he loves my new look.

    Jessy B.

  • I’m totally blown away. It’s like a confidence boost in a pen. My lips look fuller, more defined, and oh-so-kissable. The long-lasting effect means I don’t have to worry about touch-ups, and it plays so well with my favorite lip colors. Trust me, this is the secret to irresistible lips.

    Sarah F.


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