Hover Shoot Floating Target Game Set


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Feeling bored looking for an interesting shooting game? then do not worry just buy Hover shot the ultimate Floating Target Game. This Hover Shot is the ultimate target shooting game with 5 floating targets. This game features a pneumatic blaster with 6 foam darts and 10 light emitter glowing in soft polystyrene foam balls. Play alone or with friends. The ultimate target shooting game is back and better than ever!

In this hover-shooting floating target game, everyone tries to hit the most targets, but these are not normal targets! Turn on the Hover Shot machine, the wind hangs 5 balls in the air! The person who hits the target first is the winner of this game. Hover Shot 2.0 has all the fun of the original Hover Shot game.

2 sizes of the ball for 2 levels of difficulty
Powerful precision blaster & performance darts to take aim & fire
How many shots do you need to KNOCK all the floating balls out of the air?
Contents: 1 target air base, 2 air-powered blasters (Spring Guns), 6 soft foam darts, 10 soft Styrofoam balls, and instructions
Assembled dimensions: 35L x 8W x 27.8H cm
1 x Hover Shot Floating Target Game
2 x Spring Guns
6 x Soft Foam Darts
10 x Soft Styrofoam Balls


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