Crying Monkey Electronic Stuffed Toy-Price Rs.2000+200 Delivery Charges

4,000 2,200

Delivery Charges: Rs.200/-
Dare you to take his banana! Do you dare to take the banana from this monkey? Just like his bib says “Don’t touch my food”, this monkey means business and throws a tantrum if you take his banana out of his hand. He’ll be crying and screeching in real monkey fashion, and kicking his legs wildly in temper until you return his banana back to him! Hilariously funny and entertaining, this monkey will be well received by young and old alike. Who won’t be able to resist taking the banana off him? The plush furry monkey is available in 2 colors: brown and black, both equally appealing with big soft bulging eyes, and a wired hand so he can be hung from just about anywhere. Supplied with a magnetic banana remove the banana from the monkey’s hand to cause him to scream and cry and kick his legs in temper then replace the banana to calm him down again! If only it was always that easy! Requires 3 x AA batteries (batteries are not included). Color is Brown or Black (Chosen at random). Age 3+ Fun and entertaining!


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